How to Reset All Audio Settings in Windows 11

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However, in some special cases, some manufacturers can release special updates to tweak certain problems. They will also end up as updates for your PC, but you can be faster. If a particular component of your computer is missing or has an outdated driver, various problems may occur. Without these invisible software packages, you basically can’t run your hardware as intended.

If you have an AMD graphics card, you will see processes involving AMD. If you have an Nvidia graphics card, you will see processes involving Nvidia. Sadly, outdated and buggy Video drivers on Windows PCs are an altogether common industry-wide problem. There is no easy way to generically update these machines, but we hand out as much information and knowledge as we can to solve the issue. Another list of options will appear on your screen. You may select the ‘Video BIOS Cacheable’ option from there.

Uninstall Realtek HD Audio drivers.

Many a time old drivers are not compatible with the latest Windows Update as a result of which Display drivers stop responding. Your computer will now begin to look for an updated version of the driver software. If an updated version is available, Windows will automatically download and install the latest available version of the driver. Sometimes, problems on a Windows Laptop or Desktop computer are caused due to outdated or expired device drivers. You can find below the steps to Update and Reinstall Drivers in Windows 10.

  • There are different services responsible for managing audio output on Windows 10 PCs.
  • There is a known issue on POWER9 processor based servers running the latest version of Red Hat Enterprise Linux 7 (7.6) alternative architectures release.
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These are the possible benefits that trigger users to check the current version of their AMD chipset driver. Not only for the AMD chipset driver, but it also works for any driver versions installed in the system. Let us now explore the various means one may implement to check and identify their chipset driver version. Manufacturers like Intel made it possible for us users to check the driver version in the stated folder, but it is not possible to trace the AMD chipset. Do you need to run a third-party driver uninstaller? Windows has gotten much better at handling these kinds of swaps.

Way 1. Update Driver from Top Icon Menu in Device Manager

Review your information and select ‘Confirm.’ If you make any corrections, select ‘Save’ when you’re done. Key combo on your keyboard to open the settings on your PC. Replace Obselete—Replaces an obsolete driver with a recommended replacement driver. Sync Newest—Synchronize the newest driver from either the local computer or the project.

It is useful in general to use the lspci command to determine the graphics card you have, but it does not provide much detail. The Lshw command can help you get more information about it. There is a chance that installing this command on a non-Ubuntu distribution requires root access. It’s possible that the graphics card may not be detected in a Windows 11 computer. Solutions may be as simple as updating your graphics card or as complex as updating the BIOS. And for good measure, it’s recommended that you learn how to update your graphics driver on Windows 10.